Monday, September 24

Wordpress, finally!

After much desire, I am now switching from blogger to wordpress. WooHoo! It is still a bit of a work in progress. Hopefully, by the end of the week, it will be complete.

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Friday, August 10

rainbow rice

Do you need something to do on these rainy days when the children are driving you CRAZY?! Make rainbow rice! It is so fun.

Put 1/2 cup of rice and put it into a ziploc bag. Add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of food coloring. Then SMUSH! Actually, let the kids smush.

Spread it out onto plates and allow to dry. It takes about an hour.

Put the children at the table and let them go to town.

I put glue on some paper with the rice, thinking they could make a picture. It really didn't work. The rice just stuck to their fingers....

Then I pulled out the play doh and let them roll it around in the rice....

That was fun.

Lots of different ways to have fun. But the most fun was just pouring it from one bowl into another, mixing the colors while getting rice EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, it vacuums up easily. When they were finished playing with it, I put it in a ziploc bag for storage. I let them play with it in their play kitchen until it eventually all got vacuumed up. They enjoyed cooking it, pouring it, stirring it, and just rolling their fingers in it for months.

Fun stuff!
Wednesday, August 8

Outdoor Wednesday

I would rather be outside or at my sewing machine, if I had a choice. Being outside is just easier these days because the girls can come, too. It is hard to find time at my sewing machine. (Even though I have gotten to get to it some this past week.) The girls love to be outside, too. They wanted to plant their own gardens this year. I let them do almost everything. I broke up the ground with the hoe for them and made some rows, but they did everything else.

We thought it would be fun, if their gardens had signs. So, we asked Daddy to make us one. He cut a board, sanded it, and nailed it to a a small post. I had the girls paint it whatever color they chose. I then painted their names on it. Adorable. The girls thought they were awesome.

Kate's garden is growing faster than Isabel's because it gets more sun. Now I know and next year, I hope we can equalize it a bit.

Here are the first few blossoms. So exciting. I think I am more excited about their flowers than they are.

Here they are today. A lot of their flowers are falling over from all the rain, so we cut some of the heavy ones to bring inside. See how tall the sunflowers are? They weren't supposed to get that tall. Some of them have blooms all the way down the stalk. I can't wait for all those to bloom. That will be gorgeous. I think sunflowers are my favorite.

Not to be outdone, Mommy had to make something different this year, too. I have pinned on Pinterest, two different topsy turvy planters. I knew I had a pot or two behind the shed, so on one of Brian's many trips to Lowe's, I asked him to get me a pole. The wonderful husband that he is, he bought me 2 different ones, so I could choose which one I wanted. So, one day, I painted my pots and put them together on a pole. Actually, you start with the pole in the ground, then the bottom pot, threaded with the pole through the hole. Fill your pot with dirt. Thread the next pot, but tilt it, then fill with dirt. Continue until you get to the top. I used these wave petunias I purchased on clearance, hoping they would wave down the planter. They aren't waving down it, yet. But, I have hope.

I never really have an original idea. Almost all my ideas are from somewhere else. I will see something, then add my own little flair to it. I have been doing this forever (or so it seems). Pinterest just makes it so much easier to keep track of my ideas. I still bookmark a bunch of other things on my computer...I don't know why, I should pin those. Maybe I will. Hmmmm. Maybe in my spare time.

Happy Wednesday!